How It Works

How Does PawPrintsID Work?



When your pet is wearing a PawPrintsID tag and is found by a rescuer, they have three immediate ways to alert you or any other person you wish to be notified:

1. The Finder can scan the QR code on your pet’s tag with their smartphone. This will immediately send you an alert via text and email that the PawPrintsId has been scanned. You will also get a google map showing the exact location where the tag was scanned! The finder then can see on their phone contact details for you and will be able to message you with their contact information so you can organise pick up of your four legged family member.

2. The Finder can go to the PawPrintsID website and enter your tags 7 digit ID number. They can then message or call you the same as if they scanned the QR code.

3. The Finder can call our 24 hr hotline and give our operators the 7 digit ID number. We will get their details and forward straight to you!



That’s a great thing…but who has access to a microchip scanner? Someone who finds your pet almost certainly will not. They need to take your cat or dog to a vet or worse call the pound or RSPCA (and that means fines or fees). The PawPrintsID means you can be contacted immediately by the person who finds your pet. Also, many pet owners never update microchip information when they move house or change phone numbers. Who even knows how? Now you can log on to your PawPrintsID page and update your information at any time. You can even change contact information when you go away on holidays to the person caring for your dog or cat.

Thanks to PawPrintsID there is better way to reunite lost pets and their owners – the microchip is now the last resort.




Your pet’s PawPrintsID is a walking record of anything that may be vital to your dog’s health in an emergency. Store any information that can be accessed by vets or any other person who finds your pet, including:

  • Allergies
  • Urgent medication requirements (insulin)
  • Existing Medical conditions
  • Previous medical procedures
  • X-rays
  • Store vaccination/Worming due dates (and get reminders!)

This type of information can be vital if you are travelling with your pet or something happens after hours when you cannot access your family vet.


Even When Your Pet Is Lost…

We don’t like to think about it but what if your pet is struck by a car and a stranger gets your four legged friend to emergency vet care…no problem any vet can access critical health information even when you are not there.



It’s Simple and Easy to Use, with Great Features: PawPrintsID outperforms other Smart Tags on the market, largely thanks to the in-depth information it can provide about your pet. In addition to this, you pay a single registration fee – there are no hidden costs, no ongoing fees, no subscription fees, no upgrade charges. This is what sets PawPrintsID apart from competitors, and provides you with peace of mind.


All Your Pets on One Account: Whether you have dogs, or cats, or both, you can register them all on the one account. Keeping all the important information together.


Control Your Privacy: PawPrintsID allows you to change your privacy settings to a level that you are comfortable with.


Your Pet’s Rescue Page: This is at the core of PawPrintsID, helping lost pets get found fast! This is where you can provide all the important information about your pet, your contact details, and 3 emergency contacts as well.

This page provides your pet rescuer all the information they will need to assist your pet; allergy information, special dietary requirements, medications, and more.

If your pet was to get injured, this Rescue Page will offer vet information, medical records, vaccination records and x-rays, all conveniently available.

Your Pet’s Rescue Page is Your Peace of Mind!


Amber Alert: This is where the PawPrintsID community are alerted via email to a lost pet in their general location. This way members can ‘keep an eye out’. Members are given the option to participate in this.


Instant GPS Alerts: When a good Samaritan finds your pet and scans their tag, you receive both a text message and an email. This will provide you with a AGPS link in Google Maps displaying the location where the tag was scanned.


Lost Pet Poster: If your pet ever got lost, the PawPrintsID website will generate a Lost Pet Poster based on the information available in your account. You can start printing copies immediately and get word out.


Vet Login: Another great aspect of PawPrintsID is the ability for your vet to upload your pet’s medical records simply. This helps keep your pet’s medical records all in place, and if your pet is lost this important information can be easily accessed.


Reminder Alert: Do you need reminders about your pet’s important dates and events (vet appointments, groomers, vaccinations, worming, etc)? The PawPrintsID system will send you a text message and email reminder 24 hours before the event. You can set as many as you like, up to a year in advance.


FaceBook: Join our community. A great place to share your stories, pictures and tales of your pet with the community.


Instant Information: A rescuer is able to communicate with you immediately from your pet’s Rescue Page. No driving to a vet to scan microchips, no getting dumped at the local pound, PawPrintsID makes it fast and simple to get your pet returned.


World Wide Benefits: The PawPrintsID works anywhere in the world, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year. In addition to that, PawPrintsID overcomes language barriers. If you are overseas with your pet and they get lost, the rescuer is going to contact you about finding your pet… in their language. Don’t panic, the system can convert their message in your language instantly.


Pocket Album: Here you can store photos of your pet and important documents that you may need instant access to. This is particularly great for show dogs and cats who need to have documents readily available.

NB: Upload images of your pet to the Pocket Album, as your Pet’s Rescue Page will use these images, and add them to a Lost Pet Poster.


$69.95 – More features than other Smart Tags. No recurring fees. Peace of mind.